Favorites Day

Andrew and I have been a couple for a total of nine years this month. I can’t be sure, but I believe that means we’ve been on close to 3,000 dates. Obviously, we are always looking for new date night ideas.Β Our newest is what we call “Favorites Day.” It’s basically like having another birthday, and we plan to have several. πŸ˜‰

Last Saturday was Andrew’s Favorites Day, which (you’ll see if you scroll down a couple posts) included Old School Bagel Cafe, Upper Crust, a movie marathon, Ted’s, and Barnes and Noble. My Favorites Day was this past Saturday, and we went all out!

Beverly’s Pancake House was the first stop of the day.

Β FD01

Can I just eat chocolate chip pancakes every day for the rest of my life?


So. Good.



The next favorite stop was technically not a favorite of mine since I’d never been, but it involved being around animals all day, so I figured it was a safe bet. πŸ˜‰ We had a Groupon for the G.W. Exotic Animal Park, and we spent the day with some furry cuties!


Yes, we put tiny biscuits in our mouths and let this camel grab them. It was hilarious / adorbs / bad for germaphobes.



These wolves reminded me so much of my own little wolf. πŸ˜‰


Andrew refused to go near this boa, but I wanted this picture. Haha. He was so heavy! (And just ignore my crazy bangs in all these photos. It was like a thousand degrees, mmk?)


They called this a “chocolate” skunk. It was so much more delightful than I would have imagined.


I LOVED this lemur. I wanted to put him in my purse and take him home to watch Madagascar with me.


This was obviously the highlight of our day. The dude in charge held this 5-week old baby tiger up to our faces while they took our pictures. (And yes, that is a tiger-camouflaged sleeve he was wearing hahaha.)


After they took these pictures, they literally laid a blanket down on the ground, and we all circled around to play with this angel. IT WAS AMAZING. She nuzzled and made cute noises, and we fell in love. We weren’t allowed to bring our phones or cameras, so I don’t have any pictures of the tiger playtime, but if you ever happen to be in Wynnewood (lol), you definitely should go. Just plan to go in the fall when it’s not as hot. πŸ˜‰ And be forewarned, the owner / dude in charge is super eccentric and curses a little. Lol.


After we went home and showered, we headed to my next favorite. PIZZA OF COURSE.Β I miss Papa Angelo’s already.


We intended to make it to Cheesecake Factory too, but we ran out of time and room in our bellies. Instead, we watched The Martian and snuggled The Monster. πŸ™‚



We pushed Cheesecake Factory back to Sunday after church. πŸ˜‰


Crispy Chicken Costoletta never. gets. old. Also, try their new pecan-glazed carrots if you want to pretend to be healthy.


Where would you go for your Favorites Day? I’d love some new ideas. πŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday, loves!


2 thoughts on “Favorites Day

  1. Horseback riding of course followed by stall mucking. Don’t laughπŸ˜„ It’s very therapeutic. Fishing for bass (but probably only catching pickerel). Listening to blue grass gospel bands. Walking hand in hand with my love on the beach at sunset. Topped off with Kohr’s orange/vanilla swirl in a cup on the boards. Up to and including the bands y’all probably wouldn’t have guessed I live in New Jersey.

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