Annie Rae

Forgive me for the delay, but we’ve been slightly busy falling in love with this little thing. 😉


Annie Rae Boswell

Born October 16th at 8:12 am // 6 pounds, 14 ounces // 19 inches long

We are so. smitten. ❤️ Everything went as smooth as could be, and we are all home feeling great. God is so good!

I completely underestimated how obsessed I would be with her. 💕

As if he wasn’t attractive enough already…😉😍

*Photo by Sweetberry Photography*

*Photo by Sweetberry Photography*

The photo above was probably my favorite 15 minutes of life. All the visitors and nurses had gone, and it was just the three of us snuggling on my hospital bed. My heart was exploding and desperately trying to soak up every second. I wish I could go back to this moment over and over! ❤️

Good news – Jack absolutely adores her. ❤️ He constantly wants to be licking her (we’re trying to keep his tongue away from her face as much as possible, don’t worry lol), and he whines or howls sadly when she cries. They are going to be the cutest BFFs.

I’ll post more soon about our hospital stay, birth story, first week home, etc. And obviously there are about 8,000 more photos to come. 😉


Questions from the Pregnant Lady

Answer (and judge not) my ridiculous questions, moms. (And know that my default mode is sarcasm, so don’t take these too seriously. 😉)

-Alright, who else had a late-blooming bump? I’m less than 3 months away from meeting this kid, and I still am tempted to constantly hold my belly everywhere I go so people know I’m pregnant and not just tubby. It’s definitely popped a bit the last two weeks, but some days it looks smaller than others. My doctor said I’m tall with a long torso, giving her more room to stretch evidently, but my main concern is her being tiny. I want a fat and squishy baby! Anyone have a smaller bump but still a nice, chunky baby?? 😂

-Did any other first-time moms have this weird, intense desire once pregnant to suddenly have all your babies right away?? I don’t know if it’s because I wanted a boy so badly and I’m having a girl haha (I’m doing better with that BTW), or if it’s a completely normal thing to obsess over all your future kiddos. I used to want a big gap between my children, but now I’m often daydreaming about having all the babies as soon as possible. (Yes. I know this will probably change after my first week home alone lol.)

-Is it unhealthy for me to not entertain a single thought about the delivery day until like…a week before? I currently refuse to think about it and focus on more important things. Like meals.

-Speaking of meals, will I enjoy them again one day? I’m finding it hard to decipher what my tummy wants to eat, and it’s never satisfying even when I figure it out. Chocolate chip pancakes and milk are pretty great, but the rest leaves me feeling a bit weird even if I enjoy it while I’m eating. I seem to get fuller faster now. As a long-time foodie, it’s slightly bewildering! 😂 I’m just thankful she’s on board with pancakes.

-Feeling your baby move is simultaneously the most fascinating and most freakish thing ever, right? One second I’m thinking, “Wow! There is a human being growing in there and kicking like a little ninja!” The next second I’m staring at my belly in fear like an alien is about to break through it. SO WEIRD BUT SO COOL. God is so clever.

-How did you prepare to know all the “Mom” things? I’ve done so little research lately, it’s pathetic. Did you just learn as you left the hospital or were you the responsible book reader who had all the answers in a pamphlet you carried around constantly? I know next to nothing. And I’m not really that motivated yet. Maybe something will kick in that last month or two?

-Baby registries are overwhelming, yes? I have never seen so many options in my life. We started ours at Target last night, and I felt more than slightly incompetent. Why are there 18 different brands of bottle options? Do babies really need all of this overpriced gadgetry? Why does everything start with a B? (Baby. Bumbo. Bjorn. Boba. Boppy.) Who knows how long I spent looking up reviews on each of the products. Moms, please give me your registry must-haves and must-have-nots! Haha.

Here’s an update of the bump. We’re so ready to meet this little nugget! 💕


CaitPhoto Favorites

2016 was a really busy and honestly pretty tough year for us. After some prayer and reevaluating, I decided to make the CaitPhoto world a part-time job for this new year. It’ll give us a little more breathing room with my 2nd job, and I’ll hopefully be able to rekindle my love for naps and free time. 😉 I’m pretty pumped. And while the year was slightly crazy, it was still full of the most beautiful people! I’m so thankful for these sweet faces, and I love getting to be a small part of their precious memories. Here are some of my favorites from last year. 🙂