Annie Rae

Forgive me for the delay, but we’ve been slightly busy falling in love with this little thing. 😉


Annie Rae Boswell

Born October 16th at 8:12 am // 6 pounds, 14 ounces // 19 inches long

We are so. smitten. ❤️ Everything went as smooth as could be, and we are all home feeling great. God is so good!

I completely underestimated how obsessed I would be with her. 💕

As if he wasn’t attractive enough already…😉😍

*Photo by Sweetberry Photography*

*Photo by Sweetberry Photography*

The photo above was probably my favorite 15 minutes of life. All the visitors and nurses had gone, and it was just the three of us snuggling on my hospital bed. My heart was exploding and desperately trying to soak up every second. I wish I could go back to this moment over and over! ❤️

Good news – Jack absolutely adores her. ❤️ He constantly wants to be licking her (we’re trying to keep his tongue away from her face as much as possible, don’t worry lol), and he whines or howls sadly when she cries. They are going to be the cutest BFFs.

I’ll post more soon about our hospital stay, birth story, first week home, etc. And obviously there are about 8,000 more photos to come. 😉


CaitPhoto Favorites

2016 was a really busy and honestly pretty tough year for us. After some prayer and reevaluating, I decided to make the CaitPhoto world a part-time job for this new year. It’ll give us a little more breathing room with my 2nd job, and I’ll hopefully be able to rekindle my love for naps and free time. 😉 I’m pretty pumped. And while the year was slightly crazy, it was still full of the most beautiful people! I’m so thankful for these sweet faces, and I love getting to be a small part of their precious memories. Here are some of my favorites from last year. 🙂


Some Random Thoughts

Anyone else freaking out a little bit that November is halfway over?? I have so much left to do this year!! 😬

I’m afraid I’m still buried beneath the weight of work and constantly editing photos, but I am finally seeing a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. In just a few weeks, I will be done with shoots and editing and the busy craziness I let myself get caught under this year, and I AM SO EXCITED. 😉 I’m planning on taking a substantial break from the CaitPhoto world at the beginning of 2017, and I am so looking forward to rekindling my love for Netflix and naps. 🙌🏼

Until that blessed time when I can blog more frequently, here are some random thoughts that sum up the last few weeks. 🙂

-Dieting is soooo much harder in the fall / winter.

-Oklahoma weather is responsible for 90% of my anxiety as a photographer.

-My best friend and my baby sister both have more patience and kindness than the rest of the world combined. They helped us pull these off at 8 in the morning. Jack looks much more well-behaved than he actually was that day.





-John Mayer is releasing a new album soon, and that is the greatest news I’ve heard in November.

-I am unfathomably excited for Thanksgiving. I’ve been dreaming of mashed potatoes for weeks. 😀

-Daylight savings is evil. Darkness makes me sleep no matter the time.

-The election aftermath has made my tummy anxious. There is sooo much hate on both sides, and the peacemaker in me can’t. deal. I just want everyone to share a pizza and hug.

-Our little work family celebrated a baby on the way for one of our girls, and we had queso and laughter galore. I love these faces!


 -Andrew and I got Andy’s Frozen Custard twice in two days. And Hideaway pizza. I have no regrets.


-We took Tanner & Gabby’s engagement pictures this past weekend, and I have all the heart eyes. 😍






I loves them.


-Jack says hi.


Have a happy week, friends! 🙂