All the Feelings

I’m behind on blogging, and I blame all the pregnant lady feelings. It’s been an emotional few weeks! Let’s catch up with pictures. 🙂

This little model is a big brother!

His obsession with presents is my new favorite thing.

Also, this.

Our new niece, sweet baby Goldie Jane was born April 28th, and she is perfect!

Look at all that hair!

These two. I’m so in love with them.

I’ve shared my pregnant pics on Facebook mostly and I’ll do a post soon of more pregnancy updates, but here are the last few weeks of pregnancy!

Andrew made me feel extra special for my “first” Mother’s Day by buying me two bouquets of flowers (peonies and roses) because only one of the peonies had bloomed, but he knows they’re my favorite. Haha! Such a sweetheart.

Sometimes I remember that we’ll be parents toting around a newborn in 5 months, and I freak out a tad.

We met the Moms at Papa Angelo’s after church on Mother’s Day because pizza is the best celebration. 🍕

There is no one as perfect as my Mama. 💕


Hey, baby! 👶🏼

My “firstborn” will never be forgotten. 😉

Sunday night was spent with more family, marveling at Goldie’s perplexed faces.

Henry knows every type of construction vehicle that exists. I imagine he’s the only 2-year old that says excavator multiple times a day.

Andrew getting some practice. 😉

Peonies in full bloom today. 🙂

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!


The First of Many Stories

After trying to get pregnant for several long, painful, tear-filled months, the appearance of two little pink lines felt like an out-of-body experience. My hands were shaking, my heart was pounding, and I’m sure God was laughing. 😉 I took four more tests to make sure, and what’s comical is how annoyed I was with my body for the cycle being off that month. I assumed it was being wacky because I was stressed or not eating enough calories (I definitely was by the way). I took the test almost out of spite. As I set the stick down, I said to myself, “I know I’m not pregnant.” I was about to get a bath and impatiently waited for the test to finish. When the lines appeared, I jumped back, freaked out, and quickly grabbed additional tests to confirm what I was sure wasn’t possible. The other tests showed positive one by one, and while the rest is kinda a blur, I know my heart had never felt so full! I crouched on the bathroom floor in tears and praised God like a madwoman. 😂 The long months of pain and disappointment disappeared, and my heart exploded with joy and shock.

Two weeks before finding out I was pregnant, I retweeted one of my favorite authors, Bob Goff. The phrase immediately came back to my mind: “God delights in surprising us.” ❤️ And just minutes before I went into the bathroom and spontaneously decide to take a test, I had been reading Psalm 40:1-4, verses I have clung to the last several months. “I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him. Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.”

My hands shook for a good hour. Andrew had gone to work before I tested, so thankfully I had the house to myself to freak out a tad. I messily scribbled prayers in my Bible journal, wrote in my Baby Boswell journal, and I started to plan. I think Jack thought I was having a heart attack. The planner in me had been dying for all these months of not being able to control anything, and I ran down the hallways excitedly and yelled, “I get to plan!!!” 😂 Jack circled around me anxiously as I rapidly cleaned the house and pulled out our “baby box” full of clothes and books and little pieces of our baby dreams. I got busy setting up this to surprise Andrew.

Jack is winking, but I’m 95% sure he has no idea what’s going on still.

The best best best moment ever was finally getting to tell my husband that he was a daddy. I wish I could go back and relive it over and over! He was so surprised and excited, and we were absolute basket cases. Haha. We celebrated with dinner at Longhorn, shopping at Carter’s and Target, and then we finished the night by watching the movie The Kid. 😉 It was the best. day. ever.

The next two weeks, we managed to keep the secret (it was torture) so that we could surprise our families together at a fake surprise party right before my birthday. Best birthday ever. (Their reaction is in a video at the end of this post.)

Safe to say they’re excited. 😉

Aunt Gabby and Uncle Tanner were out of town when we told the fam, so they got their own surprise the next night. 😉

I was so excited to tell my best friend, because I’ve had this hedgehog book (she loves hedgehogs lol) for so long waiting to use!

Right after I told Kristi, we had a Hideaway dinner with Brette and spilled the beans with this adorable onesie Kristi bought me. Baby will obviously be a pizza fan. 🍕

I am infinitely glad I videoed everyone’s reactions. I have watched this so many times. 😂 Enjoy our Baby Boswell reaction reel. 😉

More stories, more pictures, more happy things to come. 😊 Thank you all for the overwhelming support and encouragement already. We are so thankful!


P.S. Yes, Jack has begun to prepare. 😉

2016 in Review


We spent the last day of 2016 cleaning, eating, planning, and hanging with family. Today we started the year off at church, followed by a fabulous lunch at Longhorn, and then a 2.5 mile walk to burn a few calories because we just had Andy’s ice cream for dinner. It was our “last meal” before we’re back to dieting for quite a while. 😉

I love the fresh start of January. It feels new and clean and full of opportunity. 2016 was quite peculiar, but it was certainly full of adventure! Here’s a little look back at the craziness.

We obviously made Cheesecake Factory a priority. (I must confess that we now are back to being more obsessed with Longhorn though because I discovered their parmesan crusted chicken.)

We celebrated Wormy turning 18 by taking a trip to Disney World.

Let’s remember that this picture of Alyssa hiding from the dinosaur ride happened. 😂

We captured endless perfect pictures of Henry and his cuteness.

And this GIF was created.

My Super Bowl snack stadium made us all fat.

Andrew and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas and got fatter. 🌴

We rode the “Leap of Faith” ride at Atlantis that slides through sharks, and it was terrifying.

And before heading home, we spontaneously spent Valentine’s Day at Disney World. 💕

We took Handsome Hank to the zoo, and my heart exploded.

I turned 26 and consoled myself at Lambert’s. 🍞

And at Papa Angelo’s.

And Cheesecake Factory.


My favorite little nephew turned 1!

And he discovered the glory of cake.

We celebrated Easter with loads of cute family.

Andrew turned 27, and we partied at Main Event.

These cutie pies graduated in May!

We also celebrated 5 years of marriage in May…with heart-shaped pancakes. ❤️

And with a fancy dinner at Vast!

Side note – have I mentioned my baby sister works there now!?

Aaand we kept celebrating in Colorado…with more pancakes. 😉

We fed a tiger at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. 😍

And some giraffes. 😊

We took anniversary pictures in the Garden of the Gods. ❤️

We had Mother’s Day Brunch at our house with all our favorite people.

These handsome boys met for the first time. 😍

Henry gave us more hilarious / adorable pictures.

Several date nights occurred. ☺️

We took a Boswell family trip to Lambert’s.

We watched Independence Day on Independence Day.

I brunched with these beauties at Flint. 💕

Andrew and I tried out “Favorites Days.”

I got to snuggle a tiger on my Favorites Day.

And a snake.

And a lemur.

And a beautiful pizza. 😂

Tanner and Gabby got engaged, and it was magical. 😍

Jack had surgery on his rump, and it was dreadful.

His face in the cone of shame broke our hearts. Haha.

We road tripped like maniacs all the way to Philadelphia.

Andrew tried his first cheesesteak.

We then journeyed up to Ocean City, New Jersey to have some family vaca time.

We took the ferry to New York City.

Good gosh, I miss that pizza.

And this perfect Serendipity ice cream sundae.

On the way home, we hit Washington, D.C. because I love my husband.

Andrew’s nerd out was adorable.

When we got home, the cone of shame was removed and Jack was back to his happy, hilarious self.

We lived it up a few weeks later in Disney World (again) over Labor Day!

Our ride photos are the best ever.

Thank God for dollar store ponchos.

Dad turned 60, and we had all the foods and all the parties. 🎉

Andy’s Frozen Custard entered our lives and changed us forever.

There were not nearly enough best friend dates, but the ones we had were full of so much laughter!

We went back to Colorado in October.

And it was perfect, of course.

There were lots and lots of snuggles. ❤️

We had a perfect work party at Longhorn with these stellar people.

We Thanksgiving-ed.

And we Christmas-ed. 🎄

I created my favorite planner yet 🙌🏼 (more on that to come).

And we rang in 2017 with these crazies. 😉

The year was crazy, but God is so good to us. Hope you all are having a wonderful start to 2017! 💕