The Overwhelming Summer

I thought being pregnant would get me out of a lot more, but it turns out I’m just as busy and life is just as crazy. 🙃 We’ve been running 100 MPH, and I’m just briefly emerging from the chaos before it starts back up again. My multi-tasking brain is out of hand, and I’ve been working my butt off the last couple months. And pregnancy brain? It’s real.

BUT HEY GOOD NEWS. I’ll have a baby 😳 in just 3 months, and that’ll give me a great excuse to end the busy, right? 😝

Let’s play catch up on the last few weeks – they’ve been full of crazy, but full of fun!

Andrew is very excited (like, tears-in-his-eyes-excited) that a Potbelly’s has finally graced Oklahoma. This one is on NW Expressway, but we’re getting another one just 15 minutes away soon!

Sweet baby Boswell has graciously allowed me to return to chocolate, particularly chocolate-chip pancakes. PRAISE.

We had a blast celebrating my new sister at her bachelorette party! Gabby is officially a BOSWELL! 💕 (Keep scrolling for wedding pics.)

These girls are SO much fun.

We rehearsed with perfect weather. ❤️

My mom-in-law knows how to throw a party. 💃🏼

The best maid of honor and best man ever. 😍 Their speeches had us all in tears and giggles.


Baby Annie rocked her first wedding. 💕

Prettiest little bride!!!

All hail Mom-in-law’s skills.

It was so fun to be a bridesmaid with this cutie co-worker!

So. Much. Fun.

So proud to call this looker mine. 😉😍

Perfect fam photo by Holly Gannett Photography. ❤️

The week after the wedding was spent working a bunch, but we had a visit from baby Goldie Jane! 💕

This hunk and I celebrated 10 years of dating last month. HOLY COW. We went back to our first date and reminisced at Steve’s Rib. 😊

This is the exact face Jack gives Andrew every single day when he comes home from work until he takes him outside to play. 😂


I passed my glucose test…

…by bringing my Mama for moral support.

We celebrated with pizza, of course. 🍕🙌🏼

Let me continue the feast photos by quickly plugging Longhorn Steakhouse yet again. The chicken and steak combo was sent directly from God.

We partied with family to celebrate Brad’s birthday and Pop-Pop’s 90th birthday!

My sweet Mom-Mom (who Annie is being named after) gave us this perfect little book. If you haven’t read it, grab a box of tissues before you do. 😭

We watch Independence Day every 4th of July. I never regret it. 🇺🇸

We had perfect walking weather on the 4th too!

I didn’t think I’d do fireworks this year, but turns out my pregnancy is pretty darn easy aside from the bathroom breaks. 😉 Haha.

We also celebrated Andrew’s grandma turning 87! Sweetest thing.

And I finally got to catch up with these beautiful besties. They make me laugh so much! ❤️

I’ll post an update on baby’s nursery soon, but here’s a quick preview. Lol. (Still 95% sure Jack has no clue.)

Happy Thursday, friends! 😄


Annie Rae Boswell

Annie Rae Boswell

Annie – meaning grace, favored, and prayer.
Rae – meaning grace.

The name Annie is descended from Anna, the woman in the Bible who worshipped and prayed endlessly at the temple and saw the Lord Jesus. The name Anna is descended from Hannah, who prayed for a child until the Lord opened her womb. My prayer and hope for my baby girl is that she will be like both Anna and Hannah – faithfully taking everything to the Lord in prayer.

Two of my heroes and greatest prayer warriors are my grandmothers – Anna Greta Wiley and Dorothy Grace Ulrich. The month that they both started praying about our trying to have a baby was the month we finally got pregnant. Andrew’s sweet grandmother is Elizabeth Ann Holt – one of the most generous people alive with a huge heart for family.

I love that our baby girl will be named after such Godly women – women of compassion, prayer, and grace. She’ll be born a little legacy baby. ❤️

We can’t wait to meet you, baby girl. 💕


Baby Boswell Update

Due date: October 20th!

Foods baby is ok with: We have Johnny Carino’s salad and bread basically every day. (PSA – they have curbside pickup, and a side salad is $2.99 and comes with free bread. Praise Jesus.) Pizza. Rotisserie chicken. Fries. Chips & queso.

Foods baby refuses to let me eat: Goldfish. Chocolate, except in the form of chocolate milk/malts. Most sweets are still off limits.

 Gender: I clearly don’t have “mother’s intuition” yet, because we were SHOCKED to find out this baby is a girl! 💕 And truthfully, it’s been harder to adjust to that reality than I thought it would be. We are overwhelmingly grateful and SO excited to meet her, but I’ll blog more soon about the mom feelings that have been really weird the past couple weeks because I know I’m not the only one. 😉 Haha.

Jack was surprised too. 😜

We had an epic gender reveal party with our families and a heap of water guns filled with pink paint to spill the beans. BIG thanks to my BFF Kristi for taking pictures the whole time. I’ll share more when we get back from vacation!

 Babymoon plans: We leave tonight for a week in Kauai, Hawaii! 🌴 Hallelujah. 🙌🏼

Most excited for: ALL THE PHOTOSHOOTS. And the break from all the photoshoots. Haha. And I might be even more excited for trips to the zoo! ❤️

Least excited for: Wiping boogers. Being gifted pink things. 😝 Give us all the turquoise!

Ultrasound: Definitely convinced all babies at this stage (18 weeks) look like little dinosaurs. Haha. I’m ready for her to get fat and squishy! I’ll tell you all her precious name some time after we return. 😊

Have a happy week, friends! Aloha! 😉🌴🌺