Yes, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted. And yes, it is completely because I am soaking up every second of this sweet season with my baby girl. Our little lady has already brought us so much joy in her two months outside the womb! I LOVE being her mama. This morning, I rocked her by the Christmas tree and cried happy, ugly, emotional tears. She’s a little picture of how faithful God is, and our hearts are full.

All my days are blurry. They’re full of SO MUCH, and they’re going way too fast. Here’s a glimpse into our lives the last month. ❤️ (And by glimpse, I mean a giant heap of photos.)

We took family pictures with our ever-growing families.

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of three.

Annie posed for lots of pictures. 🤗

Jack continues to exceed all my expectations in the role of big brother. He has been SO GOOD.

I’m so excited to watch them grow up together. Their relationship already gives me all the feels. 😭

Andrew continues to steal both our hearts. ❤️😍

Annie was super smiley and super sleepy for her first visit at church.

And it was fitting, of course, that her first restaurant visit was Longhorn. ☺️

If you follow me on Instagram, I apologize for the heap of Insta stories. Except not really, because look at her.

I did not know it was possible for a newborn to smile this much. It’s like she’s a photographer’s kid or something. 😜

She even smiled in our group pic at her first Christmas party. 😂

But yes, she cries too. Lol.


This peace sign kills me. 😂

She slept through her entire meeting with Santa, but it was the best. (Super cute Santa at North Park mall by the way.)

We’ve been on top of our monthly pictures so far, but to be fair, we’ve only had two. Haha. I’m already sad at how fast she’s growing!

Apologies for all the baby talk. It’s our life right now, and it’s awesome. 😉 Have a happy week, friends!


Annie’s Nursery

I’m sure it surprised no one that we went with a nautical theme for our baby’s room. 😉 I not-so-secretly want Annie to become a marine biologist. Lol.

Crib: Amazon // Curtains: Kohl’s // Gold lamp: Land of Nod // Light fixture: West Elm (gold starfish by Lisa Boswell😉) // Gold coral prints: Etsy // Glider & ottoman: Babies R Us // Blush pillow cover: Etsy // Changing table: IKEA // Gold knobs: Land of Nod // Gold mirror: Hobby Lobby // Crib sheets: Carousel Designs // Sailboat: Built by my grandpa 😊

The nursery is far cuter with her in it. 😉

These. Two. 😍

Andrew and I may or may not have wept like basket cases after I made this video. 😭❤️

We are so obsessed with her. ☺️💕


Annie Rae

Forgive me for the delay, but we’ve been slightly busy falling in love with this little thing. 😉


Annie Rae Boswell

Born October 16th at 8:12 am // 6 pounds, 14 ounces // 19 inches long

We are so. smitten. ❤️ Everything went as smooth as could be, and we are all home feeling great. God is so good!

I completely underestimated how obsessed I would be with her. 💕

As if he wasn’t attractive enough already…😉😍

*Photo by Sweetberry Photography*

*Photo by Sweetberry Photography*

The photo above was probably my favorite 15 minutes of life. All the visitors and nurses had gone, and it was just the three of us snuggling on my hospital bed. My heart was exploding and desperately trying to soak up every second. I wish I could go back to this moment over and over! ❤️

Good news – Jack absolutely adores her. ❤️ He constantly wants to be licking her (we’re trying to keep his tongue away from her face as much as possible, don’t worry lol), and he whines or howls sadly when she cries. They are going to be the cutest BFFs.

I’ll post more soon about our hospital stay, birth story, first week home, etc. And obviously there are about 8,000 more photos to come. 😉