Annie Rae Boswell

Annie Rae Boswell

Annie – meaning grace, favored, and prayer.
Rae – meaning grace.

The name Annie is descended from Anna, the woman in the Bible who worshipped and prayed endlessly at the temple and saw the Lord Jesus. The name Anna is descended from Hannah, who prayed for a child until the Lord opened her womb. My prayer and hope for my baby girl is that she will be like both Anna and Hannah – faithfully taking everything to the Lord in prayer.

Two of my heroes and greatest prayer warriors are my grandmothers – Anna Greta Wiley and Dorothy Grace Ulrich. The month that they both started praying about our trying to have a baby was the month we finally got pregnant. Andrew’s sweet grandmother is Elizabeth Ann Holt – one of the most generous people alive with a huge heart for family.

I love that our baby girl will be named after such Godly women – women of compassion, prayer, and grace. She’ll be born a little legacy baby. ❤️

We can’t wait to meet you, baby girl. 💕


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