About Us

I’m Caitlin Boswell. You can call me Cait. 🙂 I’m married to a charming man named Andrew – a handsome resolutions specialist and hilarious movie fanatic. We’ve been married for six adventure-filled years, and we live in the great state of Oklahoma with our baby girl, Annie, and our German shepherd, Jack Sparrow.

I’m a New Jersey-born, Oklahoma-raised, 27-year old photographer. I’m devoted to Jesus Christ, my handsome husband, and chocolate chip pancakes. When I’m not working, you can find me snuggling my daughter and my pup and watching Jurassic Park for the zillionth time. I’m a list-maker and a planner. I enjoy date nights, traveling, trips to the zoo, and being outside. I love all things nautical, particularly anchors and dolphins. I’m a big believer in family time, Old Navy, and the glories of cheese pizza.


Andrew is a movie buff who can literally tell you what year each Indiana Jones movie came out and how old Harrison Ford was when he starred in them. He enjoys cinnamon rolls more than any person I’ve ever encountered. When he’s not working as a resolutions specialist at an Oklahoma City credit union, he’s catching up on Netflix and the news, chasing Jack in the backyard, or being forced by me to take pictures. He likes 80s music, the Dallas Cowboys, and action movies. His favorite kind of day is warm and sunny with a trip to Barnes and Noble. He loves a good burger and fries meal, and he is passionate about cereal, particularly Cheerios. We met playing 4-square at Falls Creek, and he proposed to me there 3 years later. I’m smitten by the Captain America hair and the bright blue eyes. 😉


We just welcomed our first child in October – meet our precious baby girl, Annie Rae! We are so smitten already and can’t wait to watch her grow. You can see her nautical nursery and her utter adorableness in this video. And stay tuned because the obsessive picture-taking has only just begun. 😉

*photo by Sweetberry Photography*

*photo by Sweetberry Photography*

Jack Sparrow is our handsome German shepherd who just turned 5 years old. You can watch us surprising our families with his puppy cuteness here. He is a champion frisbee catcher, the king of snuggles, and a lovable, 70-pound lapdog who makes us laugh every day. 

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That’s essentially the Boswell family. We like pancakes, pictures, & adventures. God is so good to us.

You can find more photos of our little family on Instagram: http://instagram.com/caitboswell


*Wedding photo by BRC Photography*

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